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CPL Group USA| PoE Lighting Solutions, couples innovation and leading technologies to create fully integrated Smart Buildings.  Utilizing IGOR- Technologies platform as a base to launch a highly efficient building management system that allows granular data to be utilized in an effort to reduce power consumption and operating costs.  How is this possible?  Imagine a system so smart it knows to shut lights and HVAC to areas of the building that are unoccupied.  Imagine being able to shed 30% of your electrical lighting load from your smart phone or computer without any of your building occupants noticing… CPL-PoE is creating Smart Buildings.

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What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an innovative technology for wired Ethernet LANs (local area networks) that permits the electrical current, fundamental for the application of each device, to be transmitted by the data cables as opposed to power cords. Doing as such reduces the quantity of wires that must be connected in order to install the network, which in turn minimizes costs and makes for easier maitenance and instalation.

Lighting Intergration

The biggest savings to be achieved with a PoE system is through lighting integration.  LED lighting, synergized with low voltage power and embedded sensors throughout tenant spaces and common areas, optimizes energy efficiency.  With energy and cost savings up to 85%, compared to traditional line voltage lighting.  A PoE Lighting System’s cost effectiveness is not only in its future use in energy savings, but also in its installation. With the progression of this technology, more power being produced per port, and the demand for networking equipment on the rise, it is easy to forecast future installations cost to decrease even further.  Conclusively, PoE is a cost effective solution from installation to operation and maintenance.


Smart Buildings Demand Efficiency

One of the largest expenses to building operations is its HVAC system.  Why? To put it simply, the methodology behind it is archaic.  Often a tenant space has one or two thermostats to control the heating or cooling within the entire space.  Often having hot or cold spots because the delivery system simply does not know to give more or less in one area over another.  What if we could put multiple sensors within an area to have more accurate temperature readings with out the added cost of a thermostat hard wired into the HVAC system?  What if our networking infrastructure could communicate with the buildings HVAC system, allowing granular data to be processed and used efficiently?  Is it possible to tell our buildings HVAC system to stop sending heating or cooling to one area over another?   With the Digital Ceiling in place and a network infrastructure allowing communication between sensors and the HVAC this is achievable.  Now each office within a building can be addressed individually.  Smart building infrastructure and smart HVAC systems are intergraded through imbedded sensors that are already being used for your lighting controls.

PoE Enabled Security

Smart Security Biometrics

As technology grows the world of Biometrics grows with it.  Soon enough ID card scans, sign in books, and key cards will be a thing of the past.  Fingerprint ID, Retinal Scans, and Facial Recognition will be how we enter our smart buildings.  All of this technology is already in use on our smartphones and it’s only a matter of time until tenants demand it for their work and personal environments.  With our PoE Platform, integrating this along with every other aspect a building requires to function is as simple as plugging into your buildings network infrastructure.  Building owners and managers will be able to track building occupants in real time.  PoE enabled Security archives data to allow owners and or management to search for specific times and dates.  With smart security a selected individual could be tracked through out the building.

Energy Management

Real Time Reporting

In todays world it is imperative for building owners, management, and tenants to be able to track energy usage in real time.  The system allows the user to go into each individual space to see how much electricity is being consumed.  It also shows where most people are through out the day.  Is your business having productivity issues?  With this reporting feature, executives are able to see if their employees are spending excessive amounts of time in the break room or pantry areas, or even how much time is being spent at their desk/office.  Unless you have multiple meters for your space and knowing exactly what those meters are metering, it is almost impossible to determine how much electricity is being used form lighting vs receptacles.  With this Metering and Reporting feature you will know how much electricity your lights are consuming.

Retrofitting Old Structures


Retrofitting older electrical lighting systems with something new has always been arduous, until now. One advantage of PoE’s innovative technology is the capacity to be adaptable from its inaugral instillation to future modifications. While new structures have the advantage of beginning with leading technology, PoE can be utilized just as simply in an old building. Using PoE to retrofit results in few disturbances for the buildings inhabitants than ordinary electrical installs and is safer due to the low voltage. Once equipped, it is exceedingly versatile and can accommodate future energy efficient devices or programs.

The Digital Ceiling


The Internet of Things, is the new hot item in the world of technology.  Incorporating everything around us to be easily accessible and manipulated by a smartphone application.   The Digital Ceiling takes what use to be space reserved for lights and has turned it into something very useful.  Creating a network infrastructure in the ceiling is the best use of unutilized space.  With various multi use combo sensors collecting data and communicating with the PoE system, valuable building space is optimized.  Sensors detect occupancy, motion, temperature and air quality (co2), just to name a few.  The possibilities of what these sensors can monitor are endless.  With this network grid in the ceiling a tenant can have multiple wireless access points hidden from site.  Building management or ownership can monitor all of it from a smart device and can be integrated with a BMS.


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